Yafa Goawily is an artist . coming from an artistic family with her Egyptian roots of the ancient cultures, she started her way from performing arts then studied fine arts at Alexandria University and now after a lot of experience and workshops all over the world, she is doing her development-through-art program and sharing her experience and love of Art with all

Yafa Goawily est une artiste venant d’une famille artistique qui prend racine dans les cultures anciennes (Égypte). Elle débuta dans les arts de la scène, puis étudia les Beaux-Arts à l’université d’Alexandrie et, après beaucoup d’expériences et d’ateliers à travers le monde, elle a créé son programme de développement à travers l’art et elle partage son expérience et son amour pour l’Art avec tous!

Events & Workshops

Cornwall Art Hive 

Art Hive, monthly arts and crafts event, looking to expand

Yaffa Goawily is offering residents the chance to create arts and crafts at the Cornwall Art Hive

Yaffa Goawily of Cornwall Art Hive / Provided by Goawily



CORNWALL- Last month, Yaffa Goawily began holding the Cornwall Art Hive. It gives residents a chance to create art, regardless of age. The event occurs once a month, with a maximum of eight participants.

Goawily had previously lived in Montréal, where she initially got the idea to start an Art Hive in Cornwall. “The Art Hive is a gathering for people, you don’t have to be an artist. It’s for anyone,” she says. “You can bring papers, colours and different kinds of materials. We sit together and create art.”

In the past, Goawily had been engaged in projects pertaining to humans rights and worked on art projects with less privileged children. To her, art is therapeutic. Goawily is invested in expanding the Cornwall Art Hive as well encouraging the public to embrace their inner artist.

With cold weather on its way, Goawily is looking to move the event indoors.

She’s hoping that the Hive will occur twice a month. “We’re hoping to add more days,” Goawily says. Art Hive is a free event, although any donations are greatly appreciated.

The Hive takes place at 328 Marlborough St. To stay updated on Goawily’s work and upcoming Cornwall Art Hive sessions, please visit her Facebook page as well as the Hive event page.